17 September 2010

Amendment 132 of 16 September to the votes bill in the name of Harriet Harman (acting leader of the Labour party) and leading Labour MPs Jack Straw and Peter Hain says that Cornwall and Scillies should be allocated whole number of constituencies, ie only constituencies wholly in Cornwall and Scillies and not overspilling into Devon (they seek to apply the ‘whole number’ rule to the isles of Wight and Anglesey too).

Amendment 137 of 16 September from Sheryll Murray, Conservative MP for South east Cornwall, says that our constituencies should be “wholly in Cornwall”: at same link as above.

That’s three amendments (from George, Harman, and Murray) trying to keep entirely-in-Cornwall constituencies. Will the Tory Libdem government listen?

Amendments to 12 October 2010 are here and for 13 October 2010 here.

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