21 October 2015

Alas, the myth that the streets of London are paved with gold is a myth for very many Londoners. Alas, the envy of a pampered town showered with money that we should have rings untrue for very many Londoners. Alas, the tale that pay in London is fantastic is far from true for very many Londoners. How many?

Well, 21 percent of people living in London are paid below the London living wage.  27 percent of Londoners live in poverty (after housing costs are reckoned).

These figures come from the excellent and well-researched annual London’s poverty profile. The 2015 profile is out today. You can read it here.

It runs to nearly a hundred 100 pages but there is a helpful, brief list of key findings on page 7 and each of the ten chapters has a key points introduction.

This should be compulsory reading for everyone who thinks all Londoners are living in splendour, awash with money. Some people in London are and, yes, Cornwall and too many of its people experience poverty and serious housing issues which I highlight on this blog as in Poorly paid in Cornwall and Deprivation in Cornwall 2015. But it would be good if the Cornwall political parties and commentators took a minute to acknowledge the plight of very many Londoners and scotched the myths and tales of universal riches. We are all in it together, right?