10 October 2015

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has just published the latest measures of deprivation for small areas in England with an average population of around 1500. These areas are called lower-layer super output areas (LSOAS) and the deprivation measures are called the indices of multiple deprivation (IMD).

There are 32 844 LSOAS in England now.

The IMD is made up of various components of deprivation such as income and employment and housing and an aggregate figure, the IMD. You can see the IMD 2015 here. It is largely based on data from 2012/13 and is an update of the 2010 IMD.

The House of Commons Library has very usefully recast the 2015 IMD data for LSOAS into data for each of the 533 parliamentary constituencies in England. Click here for the detailed Constituency data table and an explanatory note Deprivation in English constituencies 2015.

The Library data includes much more and especially a comparison with the 2010 data showing improvement or deterioration in each constituency relative to the others. Rank 1 is most deprived, rank 533 is least deprived.

I put here the data for the six Cornwall constituencies

Constituency: 2015 rank/2010 rank

Camborne and Redruth 141/153

St Ives 179/188

St Austell and Newquay 184/214

North Cornwall 197/226

South East Cornwall 242/285

Truro and Falmouth 284/277

Only Truro and Falmouth has improved its relative position in 2015 against 2010.

The data shows that around at least a quarter of the England constituencies have more relative deprivation than the Cornwall ones; more than half are worse than Truro and Falmouth.

Cornwall is various

Of course different parts of a constituency experience different levels of deprivation: the DCLG site provides data for each LSOA which shows the clusters of deprivation inside a constituency. In Cornwall those clusters show ranges from a rank of 414 to 26457 (where 1 is most deprived and 32 844 is least deprived). That range is vast and brings me again to the point I have made often: Cornwall is various; we should focus with effect on those parts of Cornwall where people experience serious deprivation.