8 October 2015

David Cameron, the prime minister, promises “all-out assault on poverty” in his Tory conference speech 7 October 2015. I welcome that warmly. But wait, look what the experts at the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies and Resolution Foundation say.

The Resolution Foundation issued a press release on 7 October 2015 about its research on the Tory July 2015 budget and the poor: Summer Budget changes will push up to 200,000 working households into poverty. The full Resolution Foundation report is here.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has published research on the net effect of the Tory welfare and tax changes on different income groups. Its report An assessment of the potential compensation provided by the new ‘National Living Wage’ for the personal tax and benefit measures announced for implementation in the current parliament (IFS September 2015) is here. NOTE: Figure 1 on page 4 summarises the net effect of the changes for different income groups.

See too my post Robbing the working poor on the IFS view.

Whose take are we to believe? That of the Tory politician or two independent research organisations?