22 August 2015

Two by-elections in Pendarves ward in Camborne on 20 August for the county and town councils. The Tories won both seats.

How did the self-styled Party for Cornwall do? How popular and relevant is Cornish political nationalism?

Mebyon Kernow (MK), the nationalist party here, got 85 votes cast in the county by-election and 185 in the town by-election; the MK candidates came 5th out of 7 candidates and 4th out of 4 in the respective elections.

How popular and relevant is MK nationalism to people in Cornwall? The Camborne by-elections suggest Not very. Look at it this way: council by-elections generally don’t inspire people to vote and only a third of electors voted in the Pendarves county and town by-elections; but the Party for Cornwall enthused only around 4 percent of th electors to turn out and vote for it. MK nationalism truly seems unimportant to most people in Cornwall.

You can find the 20 August 2015 by-election results here.

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