3 May 2015

Wow. In one of the latest election leaflets of Andrew George and the Libdems, it says inter alia

“Andrew George and the Liberal Democrats get results. He has:
secured an £800 income tax cut for 22 000 local workers
taken the poorest out of income tax altogether
halved the deficit…
increased the basic state pension…”

He has? He has? Andrew George has halved the deficit and cut taxes and… Wow, and wow again. Well, certainly he has – there’s that phrase again – added to the gaiety of the general election.

George’s claims

Aside from the he has, George’s financial claims are selective.

For a wider account of the impact of Tory Libdem financial changes 2010-2015 read the comprehensive work by the Institute for fiscal studies (IFS). This looks at the impact of tax changes and cuts to benefits on incomes.
The effect of the coalition’s tax and benefit changes on household incomes and work incentives James BROWNE and William ELMING, IFS, January 2015)

See also Low-income working age households and the very richest have lost the most from tax and benefit changes, with pensioners and upper-middle income groups largely protected (IFS March 2015)

The IFS finds: “Low-income working-age households have lost the most as a percentage of their income from tax and benefit changes introduced by the coalition…” (Browne and Elming 2015, Executive summary to the report). Now you can rewrite the leaflet of Andrew George. He has…