9 April 2015

The Tory Libdem coalition has been a nasty government. It has hit the poor and vulnerable, savaged public goods like funds for affordable housing, and used austerity as an opportunity to undermine the state and the collective endeavour for the good of the many that the state enables. The Tories and Libdems are marketising the health service and comforting the rich. For five years they have stretched out their coalition hand and visited us with a darkness that can be felt.

Here are some very recent examples of their government:

Forty percent of new teachers quit within a year Guardian 31 March 2015

NHS damaged Guardian 7 April 2015
Doctors say “this administration’s record is characterised by broken promises, reductions in necessary funding, and destructive legislation, which leaves health services weaker, more fragmented, and less able to perform their vital role than at any time in the NHS’s history”.

Tory Libdem benefit sanctions policy has led to food banks Guardian 9 April 2015

Children coming to school hungry Guardian 5 April 2015

NHS hospital waiting time figures worst in seven years Guardian 9 April 2015

Trussell Trust: written evidence to Works and pensions select committee with examples of job centre ‘sanctioning’ 12 December 2014. Evidence to the committee from others is here.

And this too:
Schools forced to act as ‘miniature welfare states’ with teachers buying underwear and even haircuts for poor pupils Independent 1 May 2015

Darkness that can be felt: Exodus 10.21