5 April 2015

Suppose you had half a million pounds to spend in Cornwall: how would you use it?

More doctors, more nurses, more teachers? Equipment for a hospital or school or disability centre? Big donations to the air ambulance and lifeboats and hospices?

Perhaps help for the many foodbanks in the county? Money towards a sports stadium?

More speed cameras? Subsidised loos and parking at weekends?

Or repairing the roofs of seven churches?

What would be your priority?

Dream no more. £492 700 is to be spent on repairing seven churches in Cornwall under the government’s taxpayer-funded Listed places of worship roof repair scheme. The list is here.

Basically I think the people who own and use the churches should pay for them but I am encouraged that there are apparently now so few religionists that they cannot sustain their places.

See the post Truro cathedral for my comment on a grant to that building.