19 March 2015

I shall link here to writings by other people on topics of interest for the coming general election. They express views I largely agree with or give facts that I largely think are telling and should shape our views. See them as work towards building a manifesto.

Tax and benefit changes since May 2010

The effect of the coalition’s tax and benefit changes on household incomes and work incentives
Institute for fiscal studies (IFS) 23 January 2015
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Social policies

The coalition’s social policy record 2010-2015 (includes taxes and benefits)
Manchester University and LSE January 2015
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Housing and housing benefits and taxes

Election 2015: what’s at stake for housing?
Centre for labour and social studies (CLASS) 17 February 2015
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The general election housing benefit figures released – welfare reform costs more and not a penny saved
Joe Halewood 19 February 2015
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National Health Service

The future is now: the innovations of today that point to better health care tomorrow
Chris Ham and Anna Brown, King’s Fund 2015
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Updated 1 March 2015, 19 March 2015