14 March 2015

I have written in the past about the travails of the revived/reconstructed Cornish language which had been rebuilt in several different forms. The antagonisms of some in the small groups that use the different forms were entertaining and dispiriting. Eventually a single written form, a common spelling, of the language was agreed but some understandably stuck with their variety of the language. The reports of the quango that sits atop of all these disparate people show that reconstructed Cornish exists in several forms: dialects or even languages, I suppose. I do not know whether reconstructed Cornish beyond different spellings is developing or retaining different vocabularies and grammars.

I think such variety is inevitable in any language though broadly common spelling and meaning in words are most useful. My post Caxton’s eggs is about the struggles of English to handle dialectal vocabulary variety. English in England still has dialects, or more especially particular dialectal words and phrases, which are not readily understood by other English people outside the dialect area. Dialectal grammar in English seems to be vanishing. Different accents still flourish throughout the Anglophone.

Anyway, here is Itchy feet, a capital comic that looks at language variety head on. The comments are interesting too. Three dialects of Welsh indeed.