9 February 2015

The Liberal Democrat party has issued an abject apology.

In the light of the independent report by the King’s Fund on the damaging and misguided Tory Libdem changes to the NHS, a Libdem spokesperson said: “Sorry, we got the NHS so wrong, wrong, wrong. We meant well, but, oh dear, we were overcome by the scent of government and … Sorry. We apologise wholeheartedly. Nostra culpa. Oh, and that goes for the bedroom tax and tuition fees and can I throw in the police commissioners and, well, pretty much everything really. Did I mention the employment tribunal fees? Do you know how I can get these damned blue spots out? I’ve tried scrubbing.”

The King’s Fund report on the Tory Libdem NHS changes is damning. Instead of focusing on improving patient care and meeting the difficulties of finance and increased demands for services, the coalition government wasted three years on organisational changes that left the NHS weaker and more organisationally complex.

The full report, The NHS under the coalition government, is here and a useful summary article by the Guardian is here.

Real life: Do I need to say that they haven’t apologised?