13 January 2015

…and for the rest of Britain?

They have killed off
The Agricultural Wages Board (AWB) that protected low-paid farm workers, the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) that encouraged and helped 7294 students in Cornwall continue their education, closed Remploy at Penzance leaving 2/5ths of tracked employees unemployed
Libdems, making a difference

They have increased the need for food banks
In 2009/10 only 41 000 people in Britain used Trussell Trust food banks; last year there were 913 000. As the allparty inquiry into food poverty said in its December 2014 report Feeding Britain: “Hunger stalks this country”
Libdems, making a difference

They successfully opposed in Parliament
A Labour party attempt to ban agents’ letting fees for private renters, a Green party attempt to replace houses lost through right-to-buy
Libdems, making a difference

They have backed
The bedroom tax, the trebling of tuition fees, the reorganisation of the NHS at a cost of £3 billion, deterrent fees at employment tribunals which have cut claims by wronged workers by 2/3rds
Libdems, making a difference

They have cut
Funds for affordable housing
Libdems, making a difference

Of course a very few Libdems in parliament have disagreed with the Liberal Democrat majority votes on some of these horrors. See the Public Whip for details of individual votes. And the Libdem party have apparently had pre-election conversions and say they now support some changes on employment tribunal fees and the bedroom tax.

UPDATE 15 February 2015
See here (Observer 15 February 2015) for Libdem concerns about tribunal fees the introduction of which they supported. Really, what did they think would happen when they introduced fees?