20 December 2014

The government has announced revenue funds for local government for 2015/16. They are at the Spending power summary here. The Supporting information explains what the funds cover. The data includes 2014/15.

For 2015/16 Cornwall has had a 0.7 percent cut in funds over 2014/15. For each dwelling here that is a cut from £1936.18 to £1923.51.

As local authorities vary in what services they provide (such as fire services) simple cash comparisons across all councils are inappropriate. Cornwall is a shire unitary authority with responsibility for fire services and the average cut in the funds for that group of authorities for 2015/16 over 2014/15 is 0.9 percent.

As Cornwall Council devolves some services such as public lavatories to town and parish councils, the latters’ council tax is increasing, in some places vastly.