15 November 2014

Mebyon Kernow (MK), the nationalist party, did not contest a unitary council by-election last week. Yesterday, with a good candidate, it fought a Camborne town council by-election and came third with eighty votes. MK persuaded only 2 percent of the ward electors to vote for it.

As I suggested in an earlier post, I have used electorate figures because I think they best show the enthusiasm, or lack of it, of people for parties and their policies and offer a perspective on ideas of representativeness and mandate. The results here and earlier at Illogan (where MK came a creditable second) and Mabe and Mevagissey, taken together, are a failure to persuade people to the nationalist cause, a demonstration that there is not widespread and enthusiastic support for MK, a rejection by the people of Cornwall of the MK agenda. MK may call itself the party for Cornwall but it is the party Cornwall doesn’t want.

The turnout in this Camborne election was pitiful and suggests a vast lack of enthusiasm for town-council politics, or even a passing interest in them. The November weather probably did not help.

Look at these two by-elections in Cornwall this month, Mevagissey, where MK did not stand, and Camborne. The results for MK are clear. MK has again failed to enthuse people with its view of Cornwall. This is at a time when mainstream parties, Tories, Labour, Libdems, are not very popular, a time when other parties should more easily pick up the discontented and uncommitted. However, MK is not making headway; it is stranded in the shallows of a rejected creed.

People in Cornwall do not support MK in any numbers. Whatever the huff and puff, the noise, the claims, the nationalist vaunts, the occasional win, the people of Cornwall do not support MK political nationalism in any numbers.

(Camborne town council, Roskear by-election 13 November 2014: Labour 298, Conservatives 145, MK 80, Greens 31.)

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