10 November 2014

Last Thursday there was a by-election at Mevagissey for Cornwall unitary council which is the most important council in Cornwall and covers and represents the whole county.

1080 people voted.

No one voted for Mebyon Kernow (MK), a Cornish political nationalist party that calls itself the party for Cornwall. No one.

That’s because MK did not put up a candidate. The party presumably rated its chances of success as very poor or presumably could not find a candidate to stand.

Remember the telling absence and the telling No Votes next time you hear MK talk about devolution, a plethora of vague and uncosted policies, an assembly, whatever.

Cornish political nationalism paints a pretty picture of their imagined Cornwall, a land where milk and honey flood the A30: a buzz from the energies of the people newly released, a nationalist assembly tackling the crisis in housing here, fighting to deliver better jobs, fighting to improve the NHS here, fighting for more funds for Cornwall. Yeah right. Remember, MK did not fight Mevagissey.

MK – the party for Cornwall (except Mevagissey).

* There’s a by-election on 13 November for Camborne town/parish council. MK is standing.

6 November 2014 Mevagissey by-election. Result: Conservatives 348 votes, UKIP 281, Labour 204, Liberal Democrats 197, Greens 50.

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