15 October 2014

The End child poverty organisation has published new estimates of the incidence of child poverty in local authority wards and in constituencies for October-December 2013. (To access the Cornwall data, open the web page, scroll to South West, then click on either constituencies or local authorities, then click on Cornwall in the list that comes up on an excel sheet.)

Neither Cornwall local authority nor any Cornwall constituency is in the twenty areas with the highest child poverty.

The range in poverty in remains. It is unconvincing to talk of child poverty in Cornwall; we should focus on those areas in the county, and there are plenty, where it is worst; we should target those for help.

To see the range look at the worst and best of the 246 Cornwall wards:

Penzance East 27.35 percent of children in poverty before housing costs, 40.70 percent after housing costs

Feock and Kea 3.48 percent of children in poverty before housing costs, 5.77 percent after housing costs.