1 May 2014

Cornwall Council is set to implement the living wage for its directly employed staff from 1 April 2015: see here. The wage is presently £7.65 an hour.

This is excellent progress and the Council and union negotiators deserve warm congratulations on having the vision to work for social justice during a time of austerity. More cheers for Jude Robinson who introduced the living wage to unitary councillors in autumn 2012 – the pace of progress is remarkable.

Jerusalem is not yet. The post I put up a month ago pointed out that nearly 30 percent of fulltime workers in Cornwall are paid less than the living wage; and let me quietly note the gaps in the council proposals: the indirect employees and contractor workers; the council should go on to tackle these. Additionally, we should now look to other employers in Cornwall, large and small, to follow the excellent lead of the council – and of Sunshine Care, Abbeyfield care homes, and Penzance Council.

I first wrote about the living wage for Cornwall in August 2010. Let me recall how I ended that post: “The living wage is the pro-Cornish wage, part of the real pro-Cornish agenda. Let’s go for it.” Nevermind the gewgaws of nationalism. This, the living wage, is the way to honour and respect the people of Cornwall and their work.

UPDATE 26 May 2014
The trade union ballot has approved the living wage which will be introduced from 1 April 2015. The agreement includes a pay freeze: if this applies to the living wage it will see the living wage in Cornwall shrink below the national figure over the time of the freeze.

Jerusalem is not yet: Matthew Arnold A French Eton Part 3, about the crusade of Peter the Hermit

The post Paid less than the living wage in Cornwall: how many and where has not only data but also links to previous posts on the living wage.