1 April 2014

The TUC, using ASHE data, has published an analysis of how far the living wage is paid in different parts of Britain. The TUC analysis is here.

In Cornwall 29.7 percent of all full time workers and 44.6 percent of all part time workers were paid less than the living wage in April last year, £7.45 an hour outside London then but now £7.65. The TUC has published the figures for both local authorities and parliamentary constituencies; there are striking differences among the Cornwall constituencies.

I have argued in several blog posts that workers in Cornwall should be paid the living wage and that Cornwall Council should take the lead in this. I put these posts at the foot of this one. There is a mountain to climb in Cornwall but there are very bright spots: Abbeyfield Society care homes in Britain are to pay the living wage. There are ten Abbeyfield Society homes in Cornwall. Excellent news and well done indeed Abbeyfield.

ASHE Annual survey of hours worked and earnings, published by the Office for national statistics (ONS)

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