21 January 2014

How many people come to Cornwall to live? How many people leave Cornwall?

The Guardian has an interactive visual map here which tells you for the year ending mid-2012 how many come to settle here each year and which local authority they come from and how many leave Cornwall and which local authority they go to.

The Office for national statistics (ONS) shows here that 21 200 people migrated to Cornwall from the rest of the UK in the year ending June 2012 and 17 400 left Cornwall for the rest of the UK. There are other ONS data tables on the theme of UK internal migration.

The ONS figures show that of the England local authorities Cornwall has the largest overall numerical excess of inflowing migration over outflowing.

Added 22 January 2014
The ONS file is an excel file called “Internal migration by local authorities in England and Wales, mid-2012”.