26 November 2013

Added 26 November 2013
The latest data on troubled families from the Department for communities and local government (DCLG) is here. For Cornwall the key data is:
Number of troubled families worked with as at the end of September 2013: 791
Number of families turned round as at the end of October 2013: 199.
This is good progress.

Added 13 September 2013
The Department for communities and local government (DCLG) has published the data about the progress of the troubled families program. See here. In Cornwall there are 1270 troubled families and as at March 2013 222 were being worked with. At January 2013 none had been turned round. Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, said the program is “on track to deliver life changing results”.

Added 9 March 2013
A further update on progress in Cornwall and Devon is in the Western Morning News for 9 March 2013.

Added 23 January 2013
The report The cost of troubled families (January 2013) looks at some analyses of costs and ways of reducing them by increasing the effectiveness of interventions and by reducing demand. A brief note on work in Cornwall is on page 13.

ORIGINAL POST 16 December 2011 and July 2012 addendum
The prime minister has announced a project to turn around 120 000 ‘troubled families’ in England which are estimated to be costing £9 billion a year. The announcement offers a definition of troubled families in its Note 1. The project builds on a Labour one.

There seems to be some haze over the money for the project but apparently central government will put up 40 percent and local authorities will find – I don’t know where from – the other 60 percent.

The source of the number of troubled families seems to be this worksheet. This estimates the number in Cornwall as 1270.

The information also appears less finely on this map.

This family intervention project is a progressive and positive response to a serious issue that blights the lives of children and neighbours and costs us all large money. I don’t expect universal success and paradisal families and neighbourhoods but there should be some improvements and some significant successes. I hope Cornwall Council meets the challenge of the project with much success.

Added to original post 20 July 2012
See in the Guardian (a) this article about troubled families work and (b) these letters in response. Fullfact has an interesting report here.