23 October 2013

The imaginary gods and devils of Cornish political nationalism wilt and wither.

We have just had the publication of London’s poverty profile 2013, a report which details several aspects of life in London and its component areas.

It shows, for example, that 2.14 million people in London, 28 percent of all of them, live in poverty and that child poverty in Inner London runs at 43 percent. In Cornwall the latest child poverty figures (2012) from End child poverty is 17 percent though the incidence varies much across the county and is scandalously high in places. End child poverty gives figures for Cornwall constituencies and wards too.

The annual London poverty report is a masterly rebuttal of the dying nationalist myth that the streets of London are paved with gold. Yes, there are many very rich people in London, some getting richer, but there are many poor people too. Like Cornwall, London varies; there is a vast chasm between the rich and poor there. Anyone who knows London and has looked at the indices of multiple deprivation will be unsurprised by the London poverty report. Cornish political nationalists should read it.

There is an excellent discussion of child poverty from End child poverty here.

Notes and earlier posts
The figures for overall poverty and child poverty in London are for 2009/10-2011/12. See chapter 2 of the profile report for details.[This explanatory note added 24 October 2013]

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