15 September 2013

UPDATE 15 September 2013
By the fundraising cut off date of 5 September 2013 Radyo an Gernewegva (RanG) had crowdsourced £5160 from 184 backers. That exceeds its target and is good news. The project to improve will now go ahead.

ORIGINAL POST 2 August 2013
Radyo an Gernewegva (RanG), a podcast weekly radio program in Cornish which promotes the Cornish language in a practical way, is looking for £5000 to have a new, professionally designed and interactive website.

Okay, recent efforts to get a unified written version of revived, reconstructed Cornish have a troubled, even hilarious, history and the number of fluent speakers of any of the versions is a very small pocket of the half million people in Cornwall and even of the 53 000 who told the 2011 census that they were solely Cornish. Nevertheless, I should like to see the Cornish language project given an initial fair wind.

Clearly, using Cornish is not seen by the vast majority of Cornish people as necessary to their identity and the remnants of the unreconstructed language are interesting only as historical witness not for any intrinsic literary merit. However, RanG is a worthy enterprise, crowd sourcing is an admirable way of raising development funds, and it is disappointing to read today that only around 23 percent of the £5000 has so far been raised, and more than half of that from nine people. Only forty seven have contributed at all so far.

I should have thought a major difficulty people face in learning and using Cornish is the lack of opportunities to hear it spoken and speak it with other people. RanG is a way of listening to Cornish spoken and that will help develop one’s own skills in it. Speakers and aspirant speakers of Cornish should back it.

I hope RanG gets its £5000 for a new website.

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