10 August 2013

Cornwall 1
The Libdems cried up the filling of Cornwall’s potholes in 2013 and made it a spending priority for Cornwall Council and the council’s website now tells us that between 1 April this year and 30 June about 1924 potholes were repaired.

Cornwall 2
Some Tory Libdem benefit changes came into effect on 1 April and the Trussell Trust, which runs many foodbanks, says that between then and 30 June 152 154 people across Britain received three days’ worth of food, ”triple the number who needed it last year.”

Now 52 percent of people using foodbanks say that this is because of problems with benefits.

The school summer holidays have seen an increase in use of the foodbanks as free school meals have been lost.

You can read about this in Summer of hunger in the Independent 9 August 2013.

I put up a post about the fifteen foodbanks in Cornwall here last month. They will have shared in the increase.

It’s about tough choices; values and priorities. Potholes, foodbanks. Filling potholes, policies that drive people to use foodbanks.

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