1 August 2013

I have recorded the toing and froing of Cornish nationalism as it tries to prove that the duchy of Cornwall, or that part of it coterminous with the county of Cornwall, is really an independent country with the duke as head of state; what it grandly calls the constitutional status of the duchy of Cornwall. The government has consistently rejected these claims. I put at the foot links to the numerous posts on the blog for those who wish to wander in the foothills of medievalism.

The other day the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons looked at the finances of the duchy and the taxes it did and did not pay and touched on its status. It seems to have been a fun time. You can read it all here.

I think what emerged is a repetition of the official view that the duchy is a private estate of the duke but it has financial privileges, that is advantages, other private estates do not have. As the committee chair said, “A bit muddled” (Question 16).

I think in 2013 the duchy is a private estate providing a large income for the duke and his family. It is not a separate kingdom. However, as I explained in my last post, there are contemporary issues raised by Tony Berkeley in his bill about the ownership and distribution of the assets and income of the duchy.

Oh, and there’s this from the Lords in answer to a question from Matthew Oakeshott about stamp duty and the duchy (Lords Hansard 29 July 2013 column 260W).

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– and Aristotle’s teeth

See also the Lords Hansard 18 January 2012 column 623 where Berkeley had an amendment that the duchy and Crown Estate should be defined as public bodies; the government response is at column 634. The amendment was not moved.