22 July 2013

I have been crying up the living wage, £7.45 an hour in Cornwall, for a while, arguing that Cornwall Council should take the lead here. Jude Robinson, a Labour councillor, raised the question in the previous council last year.

Excellently, Sunshine Care in Truro has announced it will pay the living wage, and John Sentamu, the archbishop of York, has now set up the Living Wage Commission to advance the wage nationally. He rightly says in an article in the Observer in support of the living wage that workers should be paid “enough to live on…a wage rate set to ensure a basic but acceptable standard of living.”

The Sentamu commission is calling for evidence from those paid less than the living wage and I hope some of those employed directly and indirectly by Cornwall Council on less than £7.45 an hour will respond.

Now is the time. No more waiting. Cornwall Council should start on the road to a living wage. Jude Robinson showed the realistic way last autumn and now cross-party support could press the council to effective action. Yes, there are the constraints of austerity but there is also human will.

The Cornwall cabinet in its aims set out on 3 June this year spoke of the pursuit of social justice and equality. Cornwall Council should pursue justice for its low paid workers urgently. As Sentamu says, “What workers really need is pay, not platitudes”. The living wage is the benchmark by which Cornwall council and cabinet will be judged.

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