13 June 2013

This follows my post the other day on the Public health England (PHE) study of premature death in England.

The Office for national statistics (ONS) publishes life expectancy data for the UK and you can read them in the excel file at Trends in life expectancy by National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS-SEC ),1982-2006. The tables there show that men and women from different socioeconomic classes have different average life expectancies at birth and at age sixty five.

The evidence is clear. Now what? Well, the PHE and ONS data raise questions about how we tackle inequalities in health and income and whether we look afresh at age-related support (such as the state pension) which in current form benefits richer, longer-living pensioners more those who are poorer and die sooner. Labour has made a tentative start on this latter politically problematic issue.