11 June 2013

Public health England (PHE), an executive agency of the Department of Health concerned with health inequalities, has published some comparisons of health and mortality between local authorities in England. The data is called Longer lives and you can access it here. Begin by putting Cornwall in the search box on the home page. From there you can explore the data. Note the dates of the data.

In terms of overall premature mortality Cornwall is 47th out of 150 local authorities (where 1st is best); Cornwall is on the 69th percentile, that is, has better outcomes than 69 percent of the authorities. Cornwall is in the 6th socioeconomic decile (where 1st is most deprived) based on the index of multiple deprivation.

Cornwall is concerningly among the worse-than-England-average in the suicide statistics: see item 4.10 here or here (put Cornwall in the top box).

ADDENDUM 12 June 2013 Sky has published a map of the variation in premature deaths which this PHE report reveals: here.