10 May 2013

How has MK done in the 2013 elections?

The Red Queen told Alice, “Now here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that”.

The results, in a good year for the underdog parties in Cornwall, show that the party for Cornwall, as MK calls itself, has not made progress and does not speak for the vast majority of the people of Cornwall. 95 percent of those voting chose others; only 1.6 percent of the electors of Cornwall, one in sixty two, went out to vote for MK. Noise is not numbers and political nationalism has no traction among the vast majority of people here.

In the 2009 Cornwall elections MK got three councillors; subsequently it won a by-election and two other councillors defected to it so that it went into 2013 with six unitary councillors. Now after the latest Cornwall elections it has four.

Look at this summary of votes cast for MK:

9421 votes: 2005 county council elections
8919 votes: 2007 district councils elections
7290 votes: 2009 unitary council elections
6824 votes: 2013 unitary council elections.

Yes, circumstances and context matter; standing candidate numbers differ, though that is a pointer to a party’s health; total turnout counts; but look at those numbers again.

Though a few individual MK candidates polled very well indeed – its leader’s result is commanding – MK is certainly not a party with widespread and growing support among the people of Cornwall. Indeed, Cornwall has rejected MK’s vision for it, political nationalism with underdeveloped leftist ideas. Cultural Cornishness appears to be growing, political nationalism isn’t and remains a nanority pursuit; people happily separate the two.

Thin joys
MK should avoid the temptation to spin its miserable overall result and the last decade, alchemising dross to gold, standstill to advance, disappointment to joy, drinking the poison of hope. Remember again Edward Young:

Like cats in air pumps, to subsist we strive
On joys too thin to keep the soul alive.

If MK is to have a future, it should begin by recognising the harsh truth of its political failure over the last decade. That is the starting point. What MK needs at present is not friends but candid enemies to shout the weaknesses, vacuities, and mistakes in its policies. Forget St Piran and embrace St Augustine of Hippo: profani si quid bene dixerunt, non aspernandum. That advice has been there for more than fifteen hundred years.

For more about MK and others’ results see Cornwall Council election results 2013

Now here you see…Lewis CARROLL Alice through the looking glass chapter 2

Like cats in air pumps…Edward YOUNG Satire 5. For more details about such air pumps see here, a picture by Joseph Wright (1734-97) ‘An experiment on a bird in an air pump’ and a description of the experiments.

Profani si quid…Augustine of Hippo De doctrina christiana 2.18. Similarly Ovid as I have said before: fas est et ab hoste doceri, Metamorphoses 4.428

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