8 May 2013

For the progressives on the new Cornwall Council there is an important opportunity: to bring in a living wage for all the low paid people employed by the council and for people employed by contractors to the council. It would also be a pressing example set for the rest of the county’s employers. The living wage is currently £7.45 an hour, an annual equivalent of £14 300 for a 37 hour week.

I have been urging this for some time and presented some arguments for it: see the posts at the foot. Jude Robinson, when a Labour member of Cornwall Council, unsuccessfully proposed last autumn that the council should look to see “how we might fund a living wage for low paid staff”. The Labour, MK, and Green parties all support a living wage. The political foundations are in place. Now what is needed is fierce will.

We should not build Cornwall’s prosperity on the backs of the poor and low paid. We should pay decent wages, an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

To put all council employees on the full living wage would cost about £1.5 million a year.That is probably too large an amount to meet all at once but we can make progress. Let me suggest a way.

Back to Jude Robinson, the council should state now its serious intention to pay all its low paid employees the living wage and its intention to move towards that in affordable stages.

The council should investigate how it can fulfil its serious intention. The aim should be to make a realistic time table with planned stages towards becoming a full living wage authority.

Contractors should be informed that as the council moves towards paying a full living wage it will look for contracts to include the living wage pari passu.

The timetable should be realistic but not drawn out to the crack of doom. What is needed is political will and sensible planning.

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