2 May 2013

A recent written parliamentary question to the Department for education asked about the fifty primary and secondary maintained schools in England with the highest and lowest per pupil spending: Hansard 25 April 2013, column 1196W.

The answer mentioned Cornwall. We do not figure in any of the secondary fifties, highest or lowest; nor in the primary lowest fifty. Garras primary school appears as the school with the thirtieth highest per pupil spending in England.

Of course one swallow and all that and circumstances and context and this is a redistribution within the Cornwall budget from central government; but it will be interesting to see how nationalism fits these figures into its one-size unfair funding scenario.

The definition of per pupil spending in the parliamentary answer was: “school level budget shares from local authorities’ section 251 budget returns for 2012-13 and using pupil numbers from the January 2012 annual school census.”

See columns AK and AL in the file Detailed level-schools information 2012-13 here.