23 April 2013

In his housing blog Joe Halewood has now turned to Cornwall Council and claimed that the council had acted “unlawfully and disgracefully” in dealing with the bedroom tax. He published a copy of the council letter to tenants on his blog.

In that letter Cornwall Council said that tenants could not appeal against its ‘bedroom tax’ benefit decision and that landlords decided how many bedrooms a house actually had.

The council has now retreated from those views and has said that tenants can appeal. It has also said that it decides how many bedrooms there actually are in a house but…

A copy of the council’s revised views are on Halewood’s blog (at the Update section) and in the comments on the blog there is a link to the council’s verba ipsissima set out on facebook.

Halewood has responded robustly to the council’s revision.

I haver rewritten this post following the council update.

On a minor point the word is spelt ‘referred’ and not, as in the council letter, ‘refered’. It has a perfectly regular English spelling for a class of words with ultimate stress.