6 April 2013

The candidates standing for the 123 seats on Cornwall unitary council in the May 2013 elections are listed by Cornwall Council here. There may be minor changes by the shut off date for withdrawal of 10 April.

UPDATE 16 April 2012: There are 478 candidates standing: 103 Conservatives, 91 Liberal Democrats, 90 Independents, 76 UKIP, 68 Labour, 26 Mebyon Kernow (MK), 23 Greens, 1 Liberal (hat tip to Andrew Wallis’s arithmetic here.)

The nationalist MK which calls itself the party for Cornwall is contesting only a fifth of the unitary council seats, less than at the last election in 2009. The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Independents have fewer candidates than in 2009, UKIP, Labour, and the Greens have more.

The results of the last unitary elections, 4 June 2009

Conservatives 50 seats won on the unitary council, 34 percent of the total unitary vote, 123 candidates stood, 57 115 votes in total

Liberal Democrats 38 seats, 29 percent, 119 candidates, 48 187 votes

Independents 32 seats, 24 percent, 112 candidates, 39 807 votes

Mebyon Kernow (MK) 3 seats, 4 percent, 32 candidates, 7290 votes

These parties did not win any seats at the election:

UKIP 4 percent, 28 candidates, 6350 votes

Labour 3 percent, 60 candidates, 5698 votes

Greens 2 percent, 16 candidates, 3139 votes

Liberals 0.6 percent, 9 candidates, 945 votes

BNP 0.2 percent, 4 candidates, 363 votes

English Democrats 0.05 percent, 1 candidate, 81 votes

I have included in the Independents both candidates who described themselves as Independent on the ballot paper and the candidates who did not put any political description on the ballot paper.

Since the election there have been a few changes of allegiance and a by-election win by Labour and by MK. The council website says that the council currently comprises 48 Conservatives, 37 Liberal Democrats, 29 Independents, 6 MK, 1 Labour, and 2 with no specified political affiliation.