21 March 2013

Streets paved with gold
It is called Golf Green. A name that oozes with southeast England affluence.
However a Golf Green subward of Jaywick in Essex is the most deprived place in England (including Cornwall), the most deprived of the 32 482 subwards in the country according to the indices of multiple deprivation (IMD). There is a lesson here for Cornish nationalism that tends to generalise about the wealthy, pampered, streets-paved-with-gold London and the southeast. The subward has census identity code E01021988.

Have a look at these two articles from the Guardian: Budget 2013: little hope for aspirations of the country’s poorest 20 March 2013 and Essex resort of Jaywick named England’s most deprived town 29 March 2011.

Three truths
I have repeatedly argued three points in the blog.

Cornwall is not uniquely deprived and poor; there are many places in England (and the rest of the UK) that experience more deprivation

Cornwall is not one place: there is vast variety across Cornwall in deprivation and it is unconvincing to talk of Cornwall as a whole in this

We can identify the seriously deprived places in Cornwall and should focus our relief and uplift efforts there

Nationalism seems to have difficulty in acknowledging these points – and the related point that Cornwall is not singled out among local authorities in England for unfair funding by central government.

The three most IMD deprived subwards in Cornwall are the Pengegon area of Camborne, the Treneere area of Penzance, and the Plain an Gwarry-Treleigh area of Redruth. Their census identity codes are E01018870, E01018997, and E01018910 respectively. Maps and details about them are at this interactive deprivation map. Out of the 32 482 subwards they are the 749th, 926th, and 944th most deprived.

The 2010 indices of multiple deprivation (IMD), the latest available, are here.

Look at overall for the 32 482 subwards and county for the 149 counties and cities. Some of the data predates 2010. The IMD measure relative not absolute deprivation. There are other measures too such as eligibility for free school meals. Several inner London boroughs are among the most deprived areas in England.

I use the term subward for what the census calls lower super output area, LSOA, with an average of 1500 inhabitants.