18 March 2013

… or perhaps Sark

If you’re new to this story and would like a run down of Cornish nationalism and Guernsey please read the explanatory posts at the foot of this one.

We now learn that Guernsey is apparently among those places with overseas payroll services which enable UK companies to legally avoid paying a total of about £100 million a year in employers’ national insurance to the British government.

The story is here and here.The latter has some interesting comments and suggestions that we should be looking at Sark not Guernsey. That debate continues here.

The loophole has now been closed off by the UK government.

£100 million a year represents money lost for spending by the government in the UK including Cornwall. (Cornwall’s pro rata population share would be around £860 000 a year.)

I think the time has come for Cornish nationalism to say explicitly that it does not wish to see Cornwall becoming a mainland Guernsey – or Sark.

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