5 March 2013

UPDATE 14 March 2013 In response to the opposition to the present regulations the government said on 5 March 2013 it will rewrite parts of them regulations. The revised procurement regulations of 6 March 2013 are here. In response MPs wrote EDM 1188 of 14 March 2013 calling for the revised regulations to be “annulled”. Andrew George, Libdem MP for St Ives, is among the signatories to the EDM.

ORIGINAL POST 5 March 2013
When the NHS bill was going through parliament there were concerns that it would require the opening up of all local doctor-commissioned services to the private providers. The Tory Libdem government solemnly promised it did not and won over MPs and doctors on those promises.

Time passed and on 11 February this year the government quietly put out statutory instrument 2013-257 (SI 257) which does exactly what the government said it wouldn’t do. 38 degrees, the public online lobby, has persuaded 240 000 and rising people to sign a petition against this and has published a legal analysis of those promises from the Tory Libdem government about services for NHS patients and what SI 257 means: the SI does indeed require doctors to open up their local health services to private companies even if local people and doctors do not want that. It is stealth privatisation; it is a broken promise.

Read the 38 degrees document here.

EDM 1104 calls for the annulment of SI 257. It has been signed by only one of the six Cornwall MPs, Andrew George. The government are mulling over whether to go ahead or back down.