22 February 2013

The campaign to End Child Poverty has published its estimated child poverty figures (before housing costs) for mid-2012. The data is here. The Guardian has also published the data.

In Cornwall the six unitary wards with the largest proportion of children in poverty are Falmouth Penwerris 36 percent, Troon and Beacon 32, Penzance Central 32, Penzance East 31, Redruth North 29, Camborne West 29.

The six with the lowest proportion of children in poverty are Feock and Kea 6 percent, Helston North 7, Mabe 7, Probus 7, Roseland 7, St Mewan 7.

Let me spell out again what this data tells us about Cornwall and why the victim Cornwall agenda of nationalism is unhelpful, a consistent theme of the blog.

These figures show that Cornwall is not one uniform place; deprivation varies vastly from place to place in the county. Life and culture in Penwerris is not for many there similar to those for most in Feock; the wards are different worlds. There is serious poverty in parts of Cornwall and other parts are prosperous.

We should target help where it is needed in Cornwall. To present the whole of the county as poor and deprived is unconvincing and diverts focus from those parts that most need support.

In national comparisons Penwerris is 546th out of 9434 wards in the UK (where the lower the figure the worse the child poverty) and Feock and Kea 8149th.

ECP measures child poverty as being the family receives out-of-work benefits or in-work tax credits where the income is less than 60 percent of the median income before housing costs. See page 17 of the accompanying report for more details.

The Institute for fiscal studies (IFS) has published an informative response to the governments consultation on measuring child poverty. The IFS forecasts a rise in child poverty by 2015.

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