18 February 2013

The 2011 census presents information about a variety of different areas. Some are established administrative areas such as local authorities, parishes, and wards; some are special census areas such as middle and lower layer output areas (MOAs, and LOAs) and – what this post is about – output areas.

Cornwall is divided into 1793 output areas for the 2011 census; the population in each much varies but averages about 297 people. These are the smallest units that the census publishes so as to maintain the privacy of the individual’s information.

You can access the output area information on the Neighbourhood Statistics website here. Put in your postal code, highlight the button for type of area you are interested in, and, if you choose output area, you will be taken to the relevant one for you. Numerous items of data will be accessible, but no names of course. A map of the output area will also be available.