31 January 2013

A report by Shelter shows that mean average rents in the private sector in Cornwall rose by 3.3 percent in 2011-2012 over 2010-2011. The details are on page 26 of the report.

The mean average rent for all private properties in Cornwall in 2011-2012 was £612 a month, an increase of just over £19 a month on the previous year.

A link to RPI inflation data is here.

There are around 88 600 people in Cornwall in private rented houses ( Table QS403EW, 2011 census , go to page 3).

The report also explains the sources of the data and the methodology used. It explains the use of the mean rather than the median and how the what “all properties” category is composed.

The Tory-Libdem government has cut its funding for council tax. This has led the Tory-Independent Cornwall Council to decide that from April 2013 people presently exempted from paying council tax because of their poverty should pay 25 percent of the tax.

The Shelter report, published January 2013, is called The rent trap and the fading dream of owning a house. The years run October to September, eg October 2011 to September 2012.