19 December 2012

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The Tory Libdem government decided to close down Remploy factories and to encourage the disabled workers into the mainstream workplace. Labour earlier did this to some Remploy factories in 2008: sigh.

Among those factories that were closed this year was the one at Penzance. It employed thirty two workers. It shut down in August though a handful of workers carried on for a few weeks afterwards.

How many of those thirty two have found jobs in the mainstream? At early December it was four.

Four out of thirty two and apparently it is unknown whether they have full time or part time jobs.

Iain Smith, the works and pensions secretary, said in May this year of the program of closures and hoped-for move to mainstream employment, along with the reallocation of funds: “I promise you, this is better” (Sunday Express 6 May 2012). Well, it isn’t better in Penzance. It is shameful. This is a policy, which Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, and, despite their current squeals, Labour in the near past, have supported. It looks like a massive failure that has hurt people for a theory. Even if one believes it is better, the cliff-edge closing down of Remploy factories in a recession and time of austerity is bound to cause serious difficulties for Remploy workers looking for jobs in the mainstream world of work.

And now this, the selling-off of the Remploy factory building at Penzance, compounding the failure.


Remploy explains

UPDATE IN LATER POST Penzance Remploy workers, a year on 10 September 2013