7 December 2012

How has the Cornish political nationalist party Mebyon Kernow (MK) done in council by-elections in Cornwall in the last months?

Yesterday, 6 December 2012, there was a unitary council by-election in the seat of Gwinear-Gwithian-St Erth. The Conservatives won against Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and independents. MK, with a very good candidate, got 58 votes: about 6 percent of the votes cast and about 1.6 percent of the electors. Cornish political nationalism and MK were decisively rejected by the people of this part of the county.

Earlier on 20 September 2012 there was also a unitary council by-election for St Keverne and Meneage, won by the Conservatives. Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and UKIP put up candidates. There was no MK candidate on the ballot paper.

What about parish/town councils?

Yesterday there was a town council election in St Austell. The Liberal Democrats won against Conservatives, Labour, and an independent. There was no MK candidate.

Only Labour put up a candidate for a vacant seat on Camborne town council in November 2012 and he was automatically elected. Okay, it’s a town council, a parish council. However, Camborne’s not a desert for MK; it has members on this council. MK, the self-styled party for Cornwall, in one of its few ‘heartlands’ was absent from a very local election.

Let me sum up in nationalist language. The London parties (Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats) contested all or most of the elections and won. MK, the party for Cornwall, putting Cornwall first, contested only one and polled poorly.

MK, hashtag fail.

See the election results here.