3 December 2012

Dr Foster has published its 2012 hospital guide. Read it here.

On the issue of mortality among patients, the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust (RCHT) is one of five hospital trusts in England which does well with a death rate (HSMR) that is expected or better for patients who are admitted as an emergency during the week, but which at weekends has an emergency HSMR higher than expected: see page 17 of the guide. This means that if you are admitted as an emergency at the weekend you are more likely to die than if so admitted during the week.

The guide explains that for the five this could be down to “inadequate staffing levels, but, equally, a lack of out-of-hours primary, community or social care services, which means patients are inappropriately admitted to hospital. It could also mean because access to scans and tests are not always readily available at weekends.”

RCHT should now tell us why it has a higher than expected emergency HSMR at weekends and how it is going to bring it down.

Also see AYLIN Paul et al ‘Day of week of procedure and 30 day mortality for elective surgery: retrospective analysis of hospital episode statistics’ in BMJ 28 May 2013

For more about RCHT on Dr Foster begin here.

On general weekend mortality at NHS hospitals also read Hospital patients more at risk at weekends (Guardian 3 February 2012) and Hospital deaths jump at weekend (Daily Telegraph 16 October 2012).

Also see this good news on mortality rates from RCHT in 2009.