27 November 2012

The 2011 census population data for local authorities, wards, and areas such as the small lower super output areas (LSOAs) has been published by ONS here. Put PP04 in the search box.

The population of Cornwall at the 2011 census (27 March 2011) was 532 273. This is 1 percent of the total population of England of 53 012 456.

The various tables show the population divided into age groups: 102 516 people in Cornwall were aged 0-17 and 429 757 were aged 18 and above.

The LSOAs for Cornwall are identified in the table by number. See this post for a guide to literal names (though the precise boundaries of about 1 percent LSOAs may have changed since the 2001 census to regulate population numbers within them): scroll to the foot of that post to the section Details of each LSOA in Cornwall.