5 November 2012

Today the living wage rises to £8.55 an hour in London and £7.45 an hour in Cornwall and elsewhere outside London. This paper explains how the wage is arrived at.

The increases were announced by Boris Johnson, the Tory mayor of London, who warmly supports the living wage. And here in Cornwall Jude Robinson, the Labour unitary councillor for Camborne who spoke up for a living wage in the recent debate on councillors’ pay, has launched a petition that calls on Cornwall Council to work to “ensure that none of its staff are paid below this rate”. This is a very welcome move and I congratulate Mrs Robinson on her determination that the low paid at Cornwall Council should be paid a wage that enables a decent standard of living.

Let us have resounding support for the living wage for Cornwall Council employees from every group on the unitary council. And let us extend that and see Cornwall Council awarding outside contracts for services only to firms that pay the living wage to their workers on council premises. I look forward to seeing the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Independents, and MK at county hall respond positively to the challenge of the living wage.

Labour nationally is working at ideas to effectively encourage companies and councils to pay the living wage voluntarily (see two posts in the ‘relevant’ section below) and I very much hope that it will pursue them, though there have been warm words from the national political parties and leaders before. However, there now appears to be a momentum behind the living wage as more councils and companies pay it.

No more delay: Cornwall Council should now look at the way it could pay the living wage.

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