29 October 2012

First, let me thank and congratulate Jude Robinson, the only Labour member of Cornwall unitary council, for introducing the living wage, an unprincely £7.20 an hour, to her fellow councillors. She did this in an amendment to the motion on councillors’ pay; her amendment asked for a report on “how we might fund a living wage for low paid staff” at the council (webcast at 4:22:45). It failed miserably, but I think – well, I hope – that was because the rest of the Robinson pay amendment displeased the councillors. Bless too those other councillors who voted for it.

I hope she, and other councillors of progress and reform, will press on with this issue of the living wage. The council should be encouraged to tackle this injustice of low pay for its employees. These are difficult economic times but the low paid in its employ should be a priority for it. We should not build Cornwall’s prosperity on the backs of the poor and low paid.

In the meantime, very well done Jude Robinson – and her Labour party.

Now I should like to see the reformers in the other parties follow and campaign within the council for a living wage. Claims to be progressive do not cut it: what is wanted is the practical justice of moves to a living wage.

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