19 October 2012

There is an interesting and excellent article in the Guardian of 18 October 2012 about the shortage of affordable housing by Denis MacShane, a Labour MP; his focus is on council/social housing. He relates the Labour government’s failures in this sphere candidly and notes the massive achievements of Harold Macmillan when Tory housing minister in the 1950s: this is not a party partisan approach. MacShane rightly calls attention to right-to-buy, opposition to building on fields, and the selfishness of many decently housed people.

I think there are also other causes and difficulties, above all the lack of political will from every party to tackle the shortage with effect – along with a lack of courage in facing up to entrenched privilege and the indulgence of nonsense – but MacShane usefully identifies some relevant and important issues and tells it as it is.

UPDATE 3 November 2012