3 August 2012

I shall post here continuing good news for Cornwall, developments which will positively help the people of Cornwall and the local economy and everyday lives. Everyone who wants the people of Cornwall to succeed in the modern world will welcome them. This post covers 2012: for previous Vorsprungs see the foot of this post.

Securing energy from the sea is being helped by funding from a £2 million EU convergence pot. Companies looking to use the two present projects, the wave hub off Hayle and test site off Falmouth, will benefit.. More details http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/pound-2m-European-fund-provide-marine-energy/story-18520879-detail/story.html#axzz2OaeyCOyJ here. (March 2013)

* Helen Glover of Penzance has won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. This gives a lift to all Cornwall and will inspire more young people here to take up sport. Many congratulations to her and all medal winners and competitors. Added: And now Ben Ainslie with gold too. (August 2012)

* After securing £500 000 investment from EU development and private equity funds Nature Paint at Hayle, which started in 2009, is expanding and expects to increase its work force from five to nineteen over the next eighteen months. That’s excellent news. The worker numbers may seem small but Cornwall thrives on small to medium enterprises. See here. (August 2012)

* The Heartlands project at Dudnance Lane, Pool opens today, 20 April. It is a large and free outdoor and indoor leisure area in a former tin mining place. It offers culture, food, play, gardens, walks. It is a great boost to the local economy and local pride, a very successful regeneration project. (April 2012)

* The £132 million superfast broadband project has now reached one-third of homes and businesses in Cornwall, about 95 000 premises. It is available in over half of Cornwall exchanges. Superfast helps individuals access the web more quickly and, for example, experience video products more satisfactorily but for businesses it makes communication with their customers and potential customers more efficient and should help them build their businesses, a positive benefit for the Cornwall economy. (April 2012)

Vorsprung Cornwall 1 and 2 cover 2007, Vorsprung Cornwall 3 and 4 cover 2008, and Vorsprung Cornwall 5 and 6 cover 2009, and 7 and 8 cover 2010. Last year is here: Vorsprung Cornwall 2011