1 June 2012

UPDATE 14 July 2012
Twenty five Libdem MPs, including the three from Cornwall, have endorsed the paper Regional pay: an analysis of the evidence (published June 2012). The paper concludes: “regional pay is a policy which does not make economic sense and should be dropped”.

The Western Morning News reports a move by sixteen health organisations in the southwest, including the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust (RCHT), to form a consortium on pay and working conditions. The newspaper says that a leaked document suggests that “the 16 trusts aim to move away from the nationally agreed pay and conditions framework”. The newspaper report indicates a wish to reduce labour costs, those being a huge part of NHS trusts’ spending. The Tory Libdem government has set the NHS a target of reducing its spending by £20 billion by 2015.

I think I know what all this means: a worsening in pay prospects and conditions. That will lead to a worsening of morale among staff and increase the difficulties in recruiting and retaining excellence. Additionally, lower pay tends to lower spending and that will impact adversely on the Cornwall economy.

In May the Tory Libdem government proposed to the School Teachers’ Review Body that teacher pay should be set at a local not national level.

Pay regionalised, localised, cornished.

There is also report from the BBC here.


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