17 April 2012

Two opinion polls for the Sun which read like funeral announcements for the Libdems. A poll of the most winnable Libdem seats suggests that the party will be down to seven MPs after the next election on new boundaries, and none of them in Cornwall as far as I can see. Today there’s a poll which puts the Libdems nationally on 8 percent, below UKIP.

Okay, they’re only opinion polls and 2015 is three years away but I seize my pleasures amid the coalitioned gloom. I think people have quietly made up their minds about the Libdems and it will be very difficult for the party to climb out of the slough to the sunny uplands. Many England local elections are next month which should show us how things are going but we shall have to wait until next year for Cornwall unitary council elections. In recent town/parish by-elections in Cornwall the party has done much better than these polls suggest. Nevertheless, nationally the Liberal Democrat party faces the serious possibility of deserved electoral annihilation, at any rate in the Commons; it looks like its bright day is done and it is for the dark, though three years is a long time in politics.

The bright day… see Antony and Cleopatra 5.2