19 March 2012

I am after clarity. I wish to encourage Cornish political nationalism, which advocates new arrangements for government for Cornwall, to explain thoroughly what is meant at the basic level, identifying which among the several options is sought, and how it would be paid for.

Is there a consensus about these matters among the differing strands of nationalism or serious differences?

Anyway, here are a few basic questions for answering; I’m not asking about the name of the legislature or the organisation of offices, but about the foundations.

Exactly what status do you seek for Cornwall?
A souped-up county in England; an administration outside England but part of the UK with a current Wales range of powers; or a current Scotland range of powers; independence within a federal UK; independence outside the UK; or…

Why do you seek that status and reject the others?

Would this Cornwall be a monarchy or a republic?

How would this Cornwall be financed? Where would the money, all of it, come from?
All from the UK taxpayers plus local council tax (the UK tax including contributions from taxpayers in Cornwall); some directly from Cornwall taxpayers, the rest from UK taxpayers; all from Cornwall taxpayers with none coming from the rest of the UK but Cornwall paying towards UK defence; or…

And money through the EU of course.

If the money comes from various sources, what would be the proportion from each?

How much would this Cornwall cost to run each year?

There are other questions – currency, EU, how the Cornwall government would be organised, local government, and so on – but let’s start with the easy basic ones.