31 October 2011

Alex Folkes, deputy leader of the Cornwall Council Libdems, wrote on twitter on 28 October that in Cornwall the Lib Dems are the “only true alternative” to the Conservatives. Alternative? Really?

Let’s begin the week with a quiz. Read through the following and then answer the question:

Cuts to local government funds, abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board for England and Wales, Health and Social Care bill for England, selling off the public forest in England, reactionary changes to social housing tenancies and rents, abolition of the Educational Maintenance Allowance in England, raising – tripling – university tuition fees, axing the planned extension to free school meals, cuts to housing benefits, ending the Building Schools for the Future program for England, increasing VAT, abolition of the Future Jobs Fund …

Right, now say whether you think these national measures are:

(a) the works of Satan or the archangels

(b) the works of only the Conservatives, done while the Libdems were out of the room making the sandwiches

(c) the works of the Tory Libdem coalition.